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Photo Enhancement and Digital Manipulation

The digital restoration service at The Photo Depot has come to include many things that will improve upon, fix or digitally alter customer images.

Photo Enhancing/Retouching

Our photo enhancing service can include any of the following examples:

➡ Colour and Brightness
➡ Contrast and Noise Reduction
➡ Red-Eye Removal
➡ Sharpening
➡ Wedding Photos
➡ Real Estate Images
➡ Professional Head Shots
➡ Product Photography
➡ And More!

Digital Manipulation

The goal of photo manipulation is to make a realistic image that is very different from any existing photo.

Here at The Photo Depot, we provide a digital photo montage service that deals with things such as:
➡ Background Changes
➡ Adding or Eliminating people and other objects
➡ Adding or Removing Text
➡ Head Transplanting (deals with people blinking)
➡ And More!

We always aim at virtually undetectable photoshop manipulation when doing either a simple face or background change or a complex environment and object modification.  You will be thrilled with the naturalness and overall quality of you finished product.

Nearly any task is attainable!



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